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Experience Biosota's incredible luxurious limited editionMGO 2000+ Manuka honey

Best Raw Organic Manuka Honey

Biosota ensures all our hives are carefully positioned in unique and specifically chosen microclimates with an abundance of the best Manuka trees hidden far away from any highways or causes of pollution. As the Manuka only blooms from two to six weeks a year, bees have around 12 days to collect nectar from flowers, and weather conditions must be ideal. Our harvesting strictly adheres to sustainable and ethical best practices teaching Biosota Manuka honey is some of the rarest in the world with higher amounts of methylglyoxal (MGO) and guaranteed certified 100% organic.


Biosota Manuka honey is raw and cold extracted with an exceptional taste and famous antibacterial properties that may enhance, protect and actively support the body's own immune defenses, is an excellent remedy for healing wounds, treating infections and even burns, and provides better intestinal health.


100% Australian honey - 100% Australian ingredients – Guaranteed.

Quality Assurances for Your Satisfaction

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